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Ordinance 21
Public Utility Commission of Texas exercise exclusive original jurisdiction over electric utility rates, operations, and services
Ordinance 24
Motor homes, travel trailers and buses for use of permanent residence
Ordinance 32
Establishing a penalty up to $200 for the violation of ordinances, except that the penalty for violation of ordinances governing fire safety, zoning, or public health and sanitation is established to be up to $1000
Ordinance 33
Establishing a requirement that trash for pick up shall be in covered rigid containers
Ordinance 35
An ordinance establsihing the position of Building Official.
Ordinance 36
Regulation of the construction, erection, enlargement, alteration and maintenance of fences, excluding agricultural districts; Requiring fences around swimming pools; Requiring inspections; Prohibiting certain uses
Ordinance 41
Requiring the trimming and control of tall weeds, brush and trees in public rights of way and vacant land by property owners; Proving an exception for wildflowers; Permitting the City to perform same upon failure of property owners to do so and to assess costs to said property owners
Ordinance 43
Formalizing the annexation of certain subdivisions heretofore approved; Adopting a revised boundary map
Ordinance 53
Changing its form of government from a Type B General Law Municipality to a Type A General Law Municipality
Ordinance 54
Providing for Notice to the City Council of property damage, personal injury, death, providing the time and location where such notice is to be given; Providing that such notice may not be waived; And providing that the timely filing of notice of any claim and refusal of same by the City Council is a condition precedent to the institution of any suit; Providing for verification of the notice of claim
Ordinance 55
Establishing a Planning and Zoning Commission; Defining the membership thereof; Defining the responsibilities and authority thereof; Establishing City Council as the Zoning Board of Appeals; Requiring compliance with Texas open meetings laws
Ordinance 59
Containing statutory authorization, findings of fact, purpose and methods; Establishing the areas of special flood hazards; Designating the flood plain administrator, Making provisions for flood hazard prevention
Ordinance 68
An ordinance providing for the appointive position of fire commissioner, duties and responsibilities.
Ordinance 69
Providing for disannexation of territory north of U.S. Hwy 380 from the corporate limits; And the disannexation of a portion of Bramble Branch subdivision from the corporate limits
Ordinance 73
Providing for a charge or fee of not less than 2% of the gross receipts of a public utility derived from the sale of gas, electric energy, or water for the use of any street, alley or public way by any such public utility in the course of its business
Ordinance 83
Prohibiting alcoholic beverages in or on the premises of City Hall before, during and after public or private meetings
Ordinance 87
Providing for the definitions of a dangerous building or structure; Declaring such structures to be a public nuisance; Providing for standards for repair, vacation, or demolition; Providing for the duties of the building official, fire marshal, and city council acting as a building commission; Fine of $100 nor more than $1,000 for each day the ordinance is violated
Ordinance 89
Establishing a municipal court pursuant to Chapter 29 of the government code providing for jurisdiction, appointment of municipal judge and alternate judge, term of office and compensation and providing for a court clerk and prosecuting attorney
Ordinance 93
Providing that the office of city attorney shall be by appointment; Such appointment shall for such term as the city council shall direct; Providing that such officer shall serve at the pleasure of the city council; Establishing the duties of city attorney; Providing for compensation; Providing for additional attorneys
Ordinance 94
Amending its zoning ordinance; And amending Special Use Permit number 001 as Established Ordinance number 78, applicable to lot 39 Woodcreek Country Estates, providing for a summary of revisions upon property; Providing for penalty not to exceed $1,000 for each violation
Ordinance 95
Amending its zoning ordinance, and amending Special use Permit number 003 applicable to lot 40 Woodcreek Country Estates, providing for a summary of revisions upon property; Providing for penalty not to exceed $1,000 for each violation
Ordinance 96
Annexing portions of certain roads and public rights of way adjacent to the existing city limits; And extending municipal control over such newly annexed roads and rights of way
Ordinance 99
Amending the subdivision ordinance of the city, Ordinance 26A to provide regulations and bond for the development and construction of roads, streets, public improvements, or improvements within or without a subdivision; Providing for a contract between the City and any developer or contractor; Providing for performance, payment and maintenance bonds; Providing that such regulations shall apply to all construction where such improvement is intended to be dedicated to the public; Violation not to exceed fine of $500 for each offense
Ordinance 100
Establishing a master fee schedule to include charges to be imposed by city staff; Establish building and construction permit fees; Fees for other applications, inspections and permits; Providing that other fees not listed but now charged pursuant to other ordinances shall remain in effect until transferred
Ordinance 101
Defining the term “Traffic Control Device” / Unauthorized signs, signals
Ordinance 102
Authorizing the installation of traffic control devices at specific locations
Ordinance 104
Amending the city speed code ” Unlawful to operate a vehicle on the following public street at a speed greater than 15 miles per hour: Cottrell Lane
Ordinance 105
Amending Ordinance 26A: Subdivision Ordinance; Plats, plans and subdivisions of land; Public improvements; Construction regulations; Adoption of “Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction”
Ordinance 108
Junked vehicle a public nuisance and unlawful to maintain
Ordinance 109
Establishing a municipal court; Mayor is the municipal judge; City secretary serves as municipal court clerk; City attorney serves as prosecuting attorney
Ordinance 110 (1 of 2)
Comprehensive zoning ordinance of the City, establishing zoning districts; establishing reulations for each district; regulating height, number of stories, and size of buildings or other structures; regulating the percentage of lot that may be occupied; regulating the size of yards, courts and other open spaces; regulating population density; regulating the location and use of buildings, structures and nald, for business, commercial, residential, or other purposes; regulating parking, screening, landscaping, and other criteria for certain nonconforming uses and structures; providing for the continuance of the planning and zoning commission; providing for a board of adjustment; providing a repealing clause; providing a severability clause; providing penalties for violation of this ordinance not to exceed the sum of $2,000 for each offence and declaring an effective date.
Ordinance 110 (2 of 2)
Same as above
Ordinance 112
Regulations for signs constructed or maintained; Unlawful to construct or maintain a sign within the corporate limits of the City
Ordinance 115
Establishing a Building and Standards Commission and implementing Subchapter C, Chapter 54, Local Government Code; Methods to construct or deteriorated buildings
Ordinance 116
Amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance; Amending the regulations applicable to accessory buildings and exception requirements in all residential districts
Ordinance 117
Ordinance annexing territory into the City and extending boundary limits.
Ordinance 120
Adopting again Ordinance 53.1, thought it to be lost that changed the name from “Town” to “City” of Lowry Crossing, Changed from Type “B” to Type “A” Municipality
Ordinance 121
Regulations for the collection of municipal solid waste from customers; Requiring a franchise for the use of the city streets to conduct such business
Ordinance 125
Unlawful having or owning supervision of real property within City to permit a condition to exist on said property that is health hazard (1) Failure to comply with codes (2) By permitting a building or improvement that is a dangerous building (3) Accumulation of insects and rodents (4) Permitting weeds, brush or height of 12″; Unlawful to cause loss of value to adjacent property
Ordinance 126
Providing for the control of weeds, brush and unwholesome matter; Making it unlawful for any person owning, claiming to permit weeds, brush or combustible material
Ordinance 129
Amending paragraph 18-4 of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to add two new uses (1) Legal sale of alcoholic beverages for off premises consumption only in HC district, (2) HUD-Code manufactured homes
Ordinance 130
Prohibiting the sale of liquor/beer/wine in all residential areas of the City, near churches and schools
Ordinance 132
Unlawful to discharge firearms, shoot long bows, compound bows or other bow type devices designed for the purpose of projecting an arrow or other type projectile within the corporate limits of the City; Exempting peace officers and animal control officers while in the performance of their duties
Ordinance 134
Amending the master fee schedule of the City of Lowry Crossing
Ordinance 135
Appointing a judge to serve as the regular judge of the municipal court and appointing a temporary municipal judge to sit for the regular municipal judge
Ordinance 136
Unlawful to park vehicles on the driving portion or driving surface of any public street within the corporate limits of the City; Owner of an illegally parked and unattended vehicle shall be presumed to have parked the unattended vehicle
Ordinance 141
Providing for the keeping of the official city map
Ordinance 142
Providing for the keeping of an official city street name and address map; Establishing a street numbering system
Ordinance 143
Making certain non-substantive changes to Ordinance 105, the subdivision ordinance to assist in its inclusion into the first edition
Ordinance 144
Establishing the status of city employees, officers, and board and commission members; Providing employee at will employment; Providing for emergency actions; defense and indemnification; Representation in actions; Six months notice of claim against City; And City”s defenses
Ordinance 145
Unlawful to make or cause to be made any loud and raucous noise in the City which is offensive to the ordinary sensibilities of the inhabitants of the City, noise renders the enjoyment of life or property uncomfortable or interferes with public peace and comfort; Acts deemed loud and raucous
Ordinance 148
Amending the subdivision ordinance of the City; Ordinance number 105, by adding a new Subsection H to Section 12-9-1, of Article 9 to provide additional minimum design criteria for computations for the design of storm drainage plans
Ordinance 149
Repealing City of Lowry Crossing Ordinance number 133 that amended and repealed Section 3 of Ordinance number 127
Ordinance 150
Providing for an annual exemption from ad valorem taxes for property owned by persons age 65 and older and/or disabled
Ordinance 151
Providing for a penalty to defray costs of collecting delinquent property taxes
Ordinance 153
An ordinance of the City annexing portions of certain roads and public rights of way adjacent to the existing city limits of Lowry Crossing
Ordinance 154
Amending the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance of the City, Ordinance number 110, as amended by amending the regulations applicable to horses in certain residential districts by clarifying that equine otherwise prohibited by law are not permitted in such districts; Amending the regulations applicable to driveways in the agricultural and residential districts by providing that the first 18 feet of a secondary driveway that connects to a public roadway must be constructed of weather impervious surface material
Ordinance 155
Establishing a municipal court technology fund & fee assessment.
Ordinance 156
Establishing a municipal court building security fund & fee assessment
Ordinance 157
Animal Ordinance
Ordinance 161
Fence Regulations – amending Ordinance-36
Ordinance 163
Establishing weight limits of 12,000 pounds on Bridgefarmer Road
Ordinance 164
Amending the existing franchise agreement between the City and Oncor Electric Delivery
Ordinance 165
Amending Subdivisions ordinance 105, including standards for streets, storm sewers and culverts
Ordinance 172
Accepting Wood Creek streets into the City.
Ordinance 173
Accepting Settler’s Creek IV and V street names.
Ordinance 174
Accepting Settler’s IV streets as public streets within the City
Ordinance 175
Amending Ordinance 105 (Subdivision Code): Standard specifications for subdivision construction & consstruction outside a subdivision to require that all streets are dedicated to the public use
Ordinance 176
Amending Ordinance 110 changing the zoning classification on property located at Hwy 380 and Wood Creek Drive from HC to C
Ordinance 177
Amending Ordinance 110, Section 15, to allow both new and used automobile sales within the Commercial District
Ordinance 178
Amending Ordinance 110, Section 30, definition of screening device
Ordinance 179
An amendment to Ord. 110 providing nonresident districts to be screened from residential districts.
Ordinance 181
Accepting Highridge Farms Road, Highridge Farms Circle, Highridge Lane and Ridgeway Court and public streets within the City of Lowry Crossing.
Ordinance 183
Amending Ord. 109 designating the Mayor as Municipal Court Judge until such time as the City Council by ordinance provides for the appointment and qualifications of a judge.
Ordinance 184
Amending Ord. 109 providing for the appointment and qualifications of the municipal court judge.
Ordinance 185
Freezing ad valorem taxes for residence homesteads owned by the disabled or by persons 65 and older beginning with 2004.
Ordinance 186
Amending Ord. 109 section 2A clarifying the remission of a fine or penalty does not affect a conviction
Ordinance 187
Amending the Master Fee Schedule
Ordinance 188
Amending Ord. 110 by adding new section 23A regulating landscaping.
Ordinance 189
Amending Ord. 110 Section 19, Planned Development District.
Ordinance 192
Granting the petition for Annexation into Lowry Crossing.

(Caldwell property)

Ordinance 193
Establishing regulations governing the preservation and removal of trees within the city.
Ordinance 194
Disannexing a certain tract of land on FM546 West of the East Fork of the Trinity River.
Ordinance 195
Amending Ord. 110 that P&Z Chairman be appointed by City Council, each member serves a two-year term.
Ordinance 199
Accepting The Crossing’s Drive, Cross Timbers, Cross Post, Cross Trail, Cross Fence, The Crossing’s Place and Crossing’s Court as public streets within the City of Lowry Crossing.
Ordinance 200
Annexation of property into the City of Lowry Crossing. (Property located to the South of CR400 and east of Bridgefarmer Road.)
Ordinance 201
Amending Ord. 110 (Zoning), Section 10, Subsection 9, providing that miniature horses may be kept on the first 1/2 acre.
Ordinance 203
Adopting the 2006 edition of the International Building Code.
Ordinance 204
Ordinance adopting the 2006 edition of the international electrical code
Ordinance 205
Ordinance adopting the 2006 edition of the international mechanical code.
Ordinance 206
Ordinance adopting the 2006 edition of the international plumbing code.
Ordinance 208
Ordinance adopting the FEMA 2009 flood plain maps and flood damage prevention guidelines and providing an effective date.
Ordinance 213
Ordinance permitting applications for depository services.
Ordinance 214
Ordinance amending Ord. 157 (Regulation of Animals) regarding Kennels and kennel permits, multiple pets and permits, registration of dogs who have received guard or attack dog training.
Ordinance 215
Ordinance authorizing the LCVFD to provide for the collection of fees and costs for emergency and rescue services.
Ordinance 216
Ordinance 216 granting a special use permit for 1080 Overland Drive for ham radio sending and receiving device.
Ordinance 226
Amends ordinance 35 authorizing Building Official to be an employee or independent contractor.
Ordinance 227
Disposal of surplus property.
Ordinance 228
Amending the Master Fee Schedule (May 2011)
Ordinance 231
Amending the zoning Ordinance-110 to C, Commercial District.
Ordinance 235
Amending Zoning Ordinance 110, clarifying HC use and adding to SUP permitted uses.
Ordinance 236
Amend Zoning Ordinance 110, change zoning at 4100 E. US Hwy 380 to C and granting SUP for package store.
Ordinance 237
Amend Zoning Ordinance 110, change zoning at 5454 E. US Hwy 380 to C and granting SUP for package store.
Ordinance 238
An ordinance to levy and collect annual fee for businesses licensed by the TABC.
Ordinance 240
Adoption of sales and use tax as 1/2 cent for economic development via special election on 11/8/11.
Ordinance 241
Adoption of sales and use tax as 1/4 cent for Roads maintenance via special election on 11/8/11.
Ordinance 242
Ordinance to tax tangible personal property in transit.
Ordinance 243
Amend the zoning ordinance 110 on 3 acres from R-1 to AG.
Ordinance 244
Adopting the 2009 International Energy Code.
Ordinance 245
Annexing territory at 4832 E. US Hwy 380.
Ordinance 246
Collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste.
Ordinance 247
Amending the Master Fee Schedule (Ord. 228) for fire inspection fee.
Ordinance 249
Adopting an investment policy and investment strategy statement.
Ordinance 250
Amending the 2009 International Fire Code.
Ordinance 253
Amendments to 2009 International Fire Code ordinance regarding sprinkler systems and fireworks.
Ordinance 258
Amending zoning ordinance 110,Commercial zoning of annexed property.
Ordinance 262