If you have questions or need assistance on whether or not you need a permit, call City Hall at 972.542.8678.

Citizen’s Complaint Form
A Citizen’s Complaint Form for use by citizens to register a complaint

Contractor’s Registration Form
All contractors must be registered with the City of Lowry Crossing in order to perform work within the city. Please select this link to download/print form. Contractors must complete this form and return to City Hall with appropriate documentation. For any questions, please contact City Hall at 972-542-8678.

Request for Public Records
Please select this form for Lowry Crossing Public Records Requests.

Outstanding Volunteer Service
The City Council would like to formally recognize people in appreciation for their outstanding volunteer service. If you would like to nominate someone who you feel has done an outstanding job as a volunteer, please use this form. We appreciate your nomination!

Board and Committee Membership Application

Council Vacancy Application
When a council seat is vacant, citizens can apply and the Council will appoint the member to serve the remainder of the year until the next election.

Application for Zoning Change
Please complete the application for zoning change to request a zoning change within the City.

Application for Annexation
If you would like to annex property into the City of Lowry Crossing, please use this form to make your petition to the city.

Commercial Building Permit Form

Request for Variance
Use this form to request a variance to the zoning ordinance.

Business License Form
Complete this form to start a business in Lowry Crossing.

Temporary Use Permit Form
Application; Submission; Decision.

(a) Application Required. A person desiring to conduct a temporary use shall file an application for the same, on a form provided by the City, with the City Secretary. Upon receiving a fully completed application and all information required in connection with the application and the application fee, the City Secretary will present the application to the City Council. A fully completed application must be filed with the City Secretary at least ten days before a Council meeting. An application fee of $50.00 must be submitted at the time of the filing of the application; the fee is to cover a portion of the costs of the City’s review and processing of the application and is non-refundable.

(b) Application Contents. An application must include:

(i) a statement that the applicant is the owner of the property (and the application must be signed by the owner), or if not the owner, a signed, original statement from the owner of the property stating that the applicant is authorized to submit the application and to conduct the requested temporary use thereon and to bind the property owner to all conditions of the permit and this section;

(ii) a diagram (to scale) of the property where the use is proposed to be located (including all property boundary lines), the location on the property of all facilities to be used in connection with the temporary use (including the distance of such facilities from the property lines and a description of the facilities), the location on the property of any signage to be used in connection with the temporary use, methods of ingress and egress to and from the property, location of off-street parking, the proposed time period for the temporary use and the hours of use, the names and addresses (physical address, not a post-office box) of all persons that will use the property for the purposes identified in the application, and any additional information required by the City Secretary or City building official in connection with the proposed temporary use; and

(ii) a statement by which the applicant agrees that City inspectors may enter and inspect the land or premises that is the subject of the application and the permit for purposes of determining compliance with the permit (if issued) and all applicable ordinances, laws, rules, codes, standards, and regulations.